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Plz Reccomend Me

2016-12-15 13:13:00 by RobinWorksGaming

I Really Want To Be Scouted, Because I JUST WANT TO! Ha Ha! Ya Know, Me And My Brother (BirdM) Like To Make Songs For You, And I'd Be Happy If I Get Scouted! Ya Know


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2016-12-15 13:13:08



2016-12-15 13:31:00

I scout musicians once in a while. I'll have to see if your music is worthy of the audio portal. If not, I'll leave reviews this weekend with what you need to improve on. If you're indeed good enough, I'll need proof that you made the music on your page. If you did, my vote alone is powerful enough to put you in.

RobinWorksGaming responds:

Ok :), Except I'm Only Learning How To Play Music, But I Assume That I Have Nice Music So Far :)


2016-12-16 05:42:00

Alright, it doesn't sound like you even use a program to make music. Sounds like keyboard recordings. Pick up Mixcraft or FL Studio (I recommend the former as it's much more straight forward). But first, you should pick up a book on music theory. Scales and chord structures would be the things you should try to memorize. If you can't find a book on music theory, hit me up on a PM for some links. I recommend a book, though, it's much better than a bunch of links. "Music Theory For Dummies" if you can find it.

(Updated ) RobinWorksGaming responds:

WHAAA? Its To Confusing For My Mind To Proccess, Err...


2016-12-17 18:46:24

It's not as hard as you think. Music theory and Mixcraft. Works for me.

RobinWorksGaming responds:



2016-12-20 23:07:32

Okay, play dumb if you want. I took the time to listen to your stuff and give you helpful advice. At this rate, you'll never be recommended for the audio portal.

(Updated ) RobinWorksGaming responds:

I Say I'd Try... I Just Logged In Today To Try :) (After I Tried) Too Expensive :P I Don't Have Much Money, And I Have No Credit Card